I have been practicing yoga since 1992. I was stuck in a job I couldn’t stand, in a toxic environment, feeling as if my soul was being crushed daily. I came to yoga as a way to escape this daily torture, and with each yoga class the turmoil of life outside of my practice seemed less and less important. Ultimately, I asked myself why I was escaping through yoga and not escaping to yoga.     

Yoga is the one pursuit in my life that has remained consistent: the longest relationship I have had with anything. And though it may sound trite, yoga has saved me. Without yoga I am fairly confident that I would have ended up either dead, in a mental institution or incarcerated. 

Over two decades later, I have the privilege of being a full-time yoga instructor and teacher trainer. I have studied with some of the most incredible teachers working today – Maty Ezraty (founder of YogaWorks), Lisa Walford, Seane Corn, and Carrie Owerko.  I have taught yoga to thousands of students and conducted trainings all over world. Most importantly I am able to do what I love everyday.